Best Paper / Poster Results

Sr Topic Name of Candidates Total Average
1 Clinical efficacy of ultrasound guided bilateral erector spinae block for single level lumbar fusion surgery: A prospective, randomized, case-control study Dr. Swapnil Sanjay Hajare 28.75
2 Development of wrist driven writing device for patients with SCI Ms Sweta Rathee 27.75
3 Improvement in Posture, Strength and Balance using Chest Strap for Persons with Spinal cord Injury Ms Rajesh Sharawat 29.17
4 Recurrent cervical myelopathy due to C2 GCT post denosumab therapy Dr Kuldeep Bansal 27.00
5 Symptomatic Post-Surgical Lumbar Pseudomeningocele Treated by Ultrasound Guided Epidural Blood Patch Application-Case Report Dr K Guna Prathap 27.00
6 Cut off points for Body Mass Index (BMI) in Spinal Cord Injury using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Mahmood Aldobali 23.50
Sr Topic Name of Candidates Total Average
1 Artificial Intervertebral Disc Mr. Satyajit Maurya 37.75
2 Evaluation of Static Balance Ability among Young Individuals by Posturography Mr. Abhinav Sathe 38.00
3 Analysis of joint space width alteration and translation of humeral head after physiotherapy intervention in patients with adhesive capsulitis Ms Meena Makhija 40.75
4 Loading patterns of 2 total knee implant designs in the presence of knee malalignment during activities of daily living: a finite element analysis Mr Gautam Shetty 37.25
5 Influence of Vertebral Disc angle on Inter body fusion Range of Motions Mr Subin P George 34.00
6 Effect of different meshing parameters on foot insole materials Mr Shubham Makode 00.00
7 Effects of posterior spinal fusion surgery on spine and lower extremities kinematics during gait in patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis Mr Manish Gupta 36.25
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