Guidelines for Oral Free Papers

Free Paper / Competitive Paper

The time allotted for presentation of each oral FREE PAPER will be of 5 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for discussion and for Competitive Paper, it will be of 6 minutes and 2 minutes for presentation and discussion. It is suggested that you plan your presentation in advance, and practice it in order to make sure that it fits within the allowed time. No exceptions will be made.

• While planning your presentation, make sure that you go straight to the point.

• Avoid spending too much time on introduction and background.

• Ideally, the sections of your speech should be:

 º Aim of the study

 º Methodology

 º Results

 º Conclusions

Delivering An Oral Presentation (Free Paper / Competitive Papers)

• The presentation should be in power point format (MS Office). Please do not use Apple.

• We suggest that you do not put too much information on one slide. Each slide should not have more than:

 º 8 lines of text

 º 8 words per line.

• Avoid complex tables- use pictures, graphs and charts, as these should summarize your thoughts;

• If you use animations, be sure that you remember how they work when delivering the presentation;

• If you want to use a template, find one that relates to the contents of your presentation.

• Make sure that the graphic template of your presentation is user-friendly. Use simple graphic backgrounds; complex backgrounds will make your text unreadable.

• Make sure that there is contrast between the color of the background and the text. (Generally, pastel-color backgrounds are more suitable for presentations delivered in small rooms. Dark-color backgrounds, with light colors for the text, are more advisable for presentations to be delivered in a large auditorium.)

• Turn off your mobile phone when you are recording your presentation.

If you are not very familiar with public presentations, it is suggested that you practice your paper in front of colleagues before the recording.

Important Note: Check that your presentation works before sending after recording. Please make sure that the recording is done within the time-frame.

Speak clearly, distinctly and slow enough so that also those whose native language is something other than English can enjoy your talk. Keeping a presentation within the allotted time may be hard if you do not plan your speech wisely; speaking quickly is by no means a good solution.

If there are any other queries, kindly feel free to let us know.

Wishing you good luck and seeing you at conference virtually.

With Warm regards,
Dr. H S Chhabra,
Organising Secretary

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